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How We Got Started

Committed to Making a Difference

It all started in 2020, when Robyn Fleming, Founder & Executive Director of Share The Love Outreach Organization Inc, decided to help families during the Pandemic by providing their children with Christmas gifts.

To her surprise, so many donations came in that Robyn was able to help over a hundred children! Since then, Robyn has conducted the toy drive annually, increasing donations and the number of children served each year. What started as a simple fundraiser with friends, evolved into a 501c3 nonprofit organization in May 2022.

The organization is focused on having a positive impact in the community by adding additional programs that will help parents meet the various needs of their children.

​An Up Close & Personal Conversation with

Robyn Fleming 


To help children have a quality life and learning experience that poverty does not hinder

To support our teens against the many challenges they face: homelessness, pregnancy, mental health, etc.

To give children and parents back their dignity by lending a helping hand when they are in need

To help families struggling as a result of serious medical issues, unexpected deaths, and natural disasters

To help fight against hunger and the lack of basic needs in families facing financial hardship



We are a community and we value community. Together, we can do the impossible! We believe that, as a community, we can make a major difference in the world. Whether you're a supporter, recipient or friend, you are our community.

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