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​Fulfilling Christmas Wishes 

Our Annual Christmas Gift Giveaway provides gifts for children (ages 0-18), and their families. What makes our Giveaway different is that we focus on giving children at least 1-2 gifts they really want  and not just random toys. We also include teens specifically, because they tend to be left out during the holidays. Additionally, we provide the parents with gift cards from gas stations, clothing and grocery stores to help with everyday needs. We target families of low to moderate incomes who are experiencing hardship. We believe everyone deserves a special Christmas, especially our children.  

Share The Love This Christmas

"Together, We Can!"

Below is a list of ways you can donate and support our 5th Annual Christmas Gift Giveaway this year.

You can make a donation by clicking our "Donate" link below or by creating a fundraiser on our behalf.

You can also choose a different method for your donation by visiting our "Ways to Donate" page.

(e.g. Cash App, etc.)


Create a Fundraiser

Did you know you can help us raise funds by creating your own fundraiser in support of our organization? Just click the "Fundraiser" link below, and then click "Fundraise", set the amount you want to raise and share with your family and friends!

Donate a Financial Gift

Another way you can support our families is by giving a financial donation. Note that all donations are tax deductible. We appreciate all of your help! Just click the "Donate" link below.

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